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There's a lot of jargon and lingo in the advertising industry. That's why this glossary/dictionary was created - to help you change advertising gobblydegook into plain english. Just click on the first letter of the term you want to look up.


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A common name for outdoor signs located along streets and highways in either paper or vinyl.


Printing to the edge of the page, leaving no margin.

Body Copy

The text within a print advertisement that helps qualify or further explains the headlines or subheadlines.

Bonus Weight Time

Extra commercial time that stations provide free of charge. Stations sometimes grant this time to new advertisers, public service/nonprofit organizations, or advertisers purchasing large media buys. The bonus time may be either during the same day part as the purchased time or may be fit in where time is available.

Broadcast Media

Television or Radio.

Bus King

A type of outdoor transit advertising designed for the outside of buses.

Bus Shelter

A type of transit advertising designed for the shelters at bus stops. Can also be used inside or outside train stations.



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