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There's a lot of jargon and lingo in the advertising industry. That's why this glossary/dictionary was created - to help you change advertising gobblydegook into plain english. Just click on the first letter of the term you want to look up.


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Camera Ready

An ad, art, copy text or graphic ready for inclusion in publications.


An advertising effort on behalf of a particular product, service, or issue that lasts for a specified period of time; is intended to generate specific outcomes or effects; and targets a relatively large number of people. A single campaign generally is based around a common theme and target audience, and often includes ads in several media types. In addition to referring to the advertising effort, campaign can also refer to the set of materials used.


For publications, the total number of copies that are distributed, usually a total of subscriptions plus single copies sold.

City Zone

The portion of a newspaper’s coverage area that includes the corporate city plus adjacent areas that have the characteristics of the city.

Column Inch

A unit of publication space 1 column wide and 1 inch long.


A short advertisement, message, or announcement recorded in an audio or audio/visual format, three minutes or less in length, intended for television or radio use, which may be either a public service announcement, a paid advertisement, or both.


Any text to be included in an advertisement.


A legal term referring to protection granted an individual or organization against the use of an original work without expressed consent.

Cost Per Thousand (CPM)

A cost-efficiency measure that indicates the cost of reaching 1,000 readers, viewers, or listeners through an advertisement.


Any efforts or campaigns aimed at countering the advertising by the tobacco industry and other pro-tobacco influences. Counter-advertising seeks to replace these pro-tobacco messages and influences with persuasive, pro-health, anti-tobacco messages. This can take many forms including television, radio, print, billboard, theater, and other out-of-home advertising.


Refers to marketing and communications efforts aimed at countering the marketing efforts (including but not limited to advertising) of the tobacco industry and other pro-tobacco influences. Counter-marketing can include such efforts as media advocacy, media relations, in-school curriculum programs, and sponsorships and promotions, as well as paid counter-advertising.


The percentage of households or individuals in a designated area that have access to a specific advertising medium.



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