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There's a lot of jargon and lingo in the advertising industry. That's why this glossary/dictionary was created - to help you change advertising gobblydegook into plain english. Just click on the first letter of the term you want to look up.


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Identifies the language(s) in which an ad is available.

Late Fringe

A TV daypart that follows primetime, usually from 11:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. EST (or later).

Lead Time

The time period between when an ad is required to be submitted to the media outlet and when it actually runs.


For television or radio, the duration of the spot, measured in seconds, not including the tagging.

Live Announcer Spots

A type of radio advertising in which the sponsor supplies a script to be read live on the air by the station announcer or radio personality.

Live Announcer Tag

A disc jockey or announcer from the radio station comes "on the air" and reads your tag, live, after the produced spot has played.



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