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There's a lot of jargon and lingo in the advertising industry. That's why this glossary/dictionary was created - to help you change advertising gobblydegook into plain english. Just click on the first letter of the term you want to look up.


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Saturation Campaign

A media pattern of intense frequency over a relatively short period of time. Implies simultaneous achievement of wide reach and frequency designed to achieve maximum impact, coverage, or both.

Screen Actors Guild (SAG)

The union representing on-camera and off-camera actors.


The written text of a television or radio advertisement, often including character dialog, audio/visual effects, and stage directions.

Secondary Target Audience

Groups that have some influence or control over the primary target audience. For example, if youth age 12-17 is the primary target audience, a secondary target audience might be teachers, coaches or parents. Secondary target audiences can also be groups that are specific sub-categories within the primary target audience that need their own communication strategies, messages, and media vehicles. For example, if youth age 12-17 is the primary target audience, Hispanic youth could be a secondary target audience.

Self Mailer

A direct mail piece that can be mailed without a wrapper or envelope.


A group of related ads that were produced to convey a specific message and are part of the same campaign.


A measurement of audience exposure to out-of-home advertising. A showing is the daily total of the advertisementís reach times the frequency of audience exposure to it.


Tagging of out-of-home advertising. Usually consists of a sticker with the sponsoring organizationís tag and is placed directly on the ad, sometimes to cover up an existing tag.

Space Close

The deadline for ordering advertising space in publications.


An ad: a public notice published in the press or broadcast over the air.


Two facing pages in a publication. Also called a double truck.

Station Break

Designated time between network programs or within programs set aside for local station identification.


A panel or series of panels on which a set of sketches or pictures is arranged depicting consecutively the important changes of scene and action in a series of shots for a television commercial. Often accompanied by the script.


The communication plan used to develop the ad.

Super (Superimposed words)

A visual text tag, usually in the final frames of the commercial.


A special newspaper feature section usually in magazine format and distributed in Sunday editions. Also referred to as Sunday supplement or Sunday magazine.



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