Don't merely aim to survive bad times, aim to prosper . . .

"Proven Local Marketing Ads, Promotions and Letters to Get You More Customers
and Increase Your Sales..."

Instantly Boost Your Sales And Profits...Guaranteed!


FACT: Most small business owners just don't have the time to create the sort of ads, sales letters, press releases and other written materials that are necessary for continued success.

And yet, it's by coming up with new ideas, letters, ads and promotions that your business can increase market share, compete with any size business, and keep new customers coming in the door - no matter what product or service you are selling.

However, in the few moments you'll spend reading this page, you'll solve this problem and learn how to ...

1. Increase your business and profits almost overnight;

2. Have greater control over the success of your business; and

3. Assure your business will grow and thrive in any economy, even in a recession.

And here's the best part... chances are you can do all this without spending a penny more than you've already committed to marketing. In many cases, you may even reduce what you are currently spending.


"When I got your fax about this fantastic manual that showed all those ways of making more money, I thought, oh yeah another one! But for such a small investment I thought it was worth a look. I've followed your instructions as laid out and work it did. When compared to the pre Peter Sun theory days our number of jobs is up by over 29%. To us that's an increase of around $28,570 for one month. There is one major problem . . . there is too much work."
Frank Kaslik - Best Systems, Newcastle Video and Appliance Repairs Business


One thing is undeniably clear. Businesses who keep on doing what they have always done will get the same results as they've always had and... they'll find it harder and harder to survive, let alone prosper.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

This Is What You Need To Thrive In A Changing Market

My name is Peter Sun. I write ads and promotions that get fantastic results for my clients. Many of them have increased their businesses by a minimum of 39% just by following my ideas and recommendations.

The secret to making tons of money in business is...

Having a system for maximizing sales from existing customers,
and eliminating the "lookers" and price shoppers


Maximizing the effectiveness of all your ads, letters, brochures, yellow pages and
other promotions to bring in more customer inquiries and sales.

In fact, having an effective marketing system is the "secret" ingredient behind all successful businesses.

The good news is, if you own a Small to Medium size Business (or are about to start one), what you are about to read will give you everything you need to win new customers and keep them coming back - without reducing your prices. And . . .

. . . to successfully compete with any size business in any marketplace!

Imagine having a carefully selected reference library of proven, ready-to-use, pre-written ads, direct mail letters, and promotional ideas at your fingertips. It could give your business a huge advantage.

Anytime you need a sales letter, an ad, a letterbox drop leaflet or any promotion for your business, you can look up your copy of "How To Increase Your Profits In Any Economic Climate" and find what you need.

Thousands of dollars have been spent testing and fine tuning these ads to eliminate the guess work for you. And even more important, to save you from wasting your money trying to learn what works best.

And here's more good news... they produce results no matter what kind of business you're in! Be it retail, wholesale, professional or providing services.

The advantages of using proven ads, letters and direct marketing techniques in your business are many. Including . . .

  • There's no upper limit to the income you make if you have these systems in your business. A good ad or letter can bring you ten times the sales of a bad one. What you need is proven ads, letters and promotions. All you have to do is test them in your business. Once you've seen the results, you simply decide how often you have to use them to achieve the income you desire.

  • You no longer have to compete on price. With a steady stream of new business and money in your bank account, you don't have to deal with the customers who shop only on price. Instead, you can spend more time with the customers who want your service and are willing to pay for it.

  • Your staff morale and productivity increase. Having a business that's making good money makes everyone feel good. Your staff are happier because their jobs are secure.

  • You control the amount of business you have each week. Having a ready-made reference library of successful ads, sales letters and promotions means you are no longer at the mercy of the economy or fickle customers.

  • And, best of all, having a marketing system means your whole business can be put on autopilot. Once you find the ads, letters and promotions that work, you are no longer tied to your business. You can afford to hire someone else.

All this adds up to the ultimate business. You now have the freedom, and the money, to spend your time on the things you worked so hard to get. Whether it's time with your loved ones, an overdue holiday or simply more of the good life, you now have the systems to make it happen.

It's like having an expert in your office helping you get the job done.
You don't spend time reinventing the wheel.

Of course, experts help like this does not come cheap. If you were to hire someone to write an ad for your company, it would cost you anywhere from $1000 to $5,000. And, that would depend on their experience. And, that's without any guarantee of results.

If you were to bring in a marketing consultant to design a promotion for your business you would spend a minimum of $3,500 to $10,000.

Or try to contract a copywriter to draft a hard-hitting mail campaign for your company. That will set you back a few thousand dollars. But...

You Can Get All This For A Dime A Day!

You'll have 133 pages of successful business boosters at your fingertips. When you need a new promotion, just pick a format you like, change a few words and... you're done. Some of the jewels you'll find in this manual include . . .

  • The Yellow Pages ad getting 11 times, yes 1,100% more sales than a competitor who has the same size ad on the same page. It's one of six super-successful Yellow Pages ads in this package. Use the step-by-step guide to produce a similar ad for your business.

  • Two letterbox drop promotions on page 25. One returns $1,036 net profit for each $122 spent. The other costs $350. It gets 491 customers and $4,624 worth of extra sales in just three weeks. Adapt these two low-cost promotions to your business.

  • The letter on page 34 gets $32,050 worth of business in four weeks. (This letter format can be used by almost any business).

  • A letter on page 50 is used to get FREE products and cash from suppliers. This one really works!!

  • A tiny prospecting ad costing just $73 gets 33 people calling each time it runs. Use it as a sample for your own inquiry generating ad.

  • A promotion that gets 350 people into a retail store in two days - at no cost to the business owner!!! (You can easily duplicate this one with the help of your suppliers.)

  • The campaign on page 104 shows you how a business stopped using radio and newspaper ads. It now gets new customers at 1/6th the cost using direct mail. This may change the way you look at promoting your business.

  • 37 different newspaper and magazine ads, ranging in size from tiny classified size to a full page. You don't have to be a professional advertising agency to create dynamic sales copy that works - just modify these tested ads to fit your product or service.

  • Seven great sales letters proven to get new customers in any marketplace. And, at least six different "Thank You" letters designed to increase referrals and get existing customers buying more. (Just put your letterhead on these letters, you'll be amazed at how much they bring you!!)

  • Several customer survey forms and telephone scripts for maximizing sales from new and existing customers. Use these and expect an immediate 16% increase in your sales.

  • Powerful classified ads used to sell a car and a house during the recession. Use them to sell your car or home at the price you want - even in a depressed market.

  • Plus over 35 flyers, customer club cards, letterbox drop leaflets, guarantees, customer name collection systems and ad analysis forms you can use in your business.

And - most importantly, you get my permission to adapt and use any of my ads or letters in your business.

To have these ads, letters and promotions created specifically for your business, it would cost you $1,000 to $5,500 per letter or ad. But, because these money makers have already been paid for by the original clients, you get the rights to use them for just $37. For this small investment, you'll literally have a full-time marketing consultant at your very fingertips... ready to produce sales and profits whenever you want.

These are tested and proven methods that have actually been used by businesses like yours to generate almost obscene increases in profits. And were directly responsible for sales worth millions of dollars for all kinds of products and services. No matter what business you are in, chances are you'll be able to find several examples that fit your situation to a "Tee".

This amazing marketing package is as if you'd taken a giant cargo ship, backed it up to my brain, picked it clean, and then steamed over to dock in your own backyard. It's a complete 133 page manual with my own notes on how to get the most out of each promotion, where to use it and how to monitor the results you get.

Many of my clients have used these proven direct marketing techniques. Here's how profitable these techniques have been for some of them . . .

"I got an extra $8,200 per month from a Yellow Pages Ad written by Peter Sun. That's ten times the response from last year."
Mark Neilson - The Engine Shop


"We've put on three extra staff. We got 223 new customers in just three weeks. Overall the business is up by 48% on last year. We'll be repeating this promotion!!"
Craig - Pizza Parlor, Palm Beach


"With an ad written by Peter Sun I sold my business in one month, and for $14,285 more than I had been trying to sell it for during the past two years."
Richard Gelle - Air Cold Transport


"I got 16 jobs worth $32,050 in the first four weeks after mailing out just 897 of your letters."
Brian Morris - The Journalist Agency


"We use your strategies in all our courses with great results. All our students want more."
Linda Echintelle - Byron Bay Business Enterprise Center


"When it comes to increasing profits, Peter Sun is pure genius. This package is full of the facts that can make people in business more profitable. If you are in business, any sort of business, drop everything and read it."
Winston Marsh - International Business Speaker and President of Australian Speakers Association


"From 1537 letters I sent, I got 538 responses. The results couldn't be better!!"
Stephanie Black - The Sprooce Goose


"Your marketing system has been excellent results for my practice and for my clients. No matter what business my clients are in, there is something in the manual I can use to help them increase their profits. My clients love it. Every business who is serious about increasing sales and profits should have one."
Andrew Maggs - Certified Practicing Accountant and Business Advisor


You too could be enjoying similar or even better results. The tested and proven direct marketing strategies in this package will give you all the tools you need to get ahead of your competitors and stay there. You'll be amazed how quickly and easily this information can grow your sales and profits.

As a matter of fact, franchise chains use tested systems of ads, letters and promotions to gain customers quickly in new locations. They know that having a system for getting new customers and for keeping their existing customers is vital.

The way I make sure it works for you, is like this . . .

After quickly and thoroughly showing you how each technique works, I give you clear, step-by-step instructions on precisely how to put it into use in your own business. Plus lots of real life examples of ads, letters, and promotions we created for other businesses using these methods.

Plus, you'll get an incredible assortment of my own direct marketing "tricks of the trade" that I have successfully used to out-perform the competition in any market.

Here Are Some Of The Techniques Which Will Generate
Big Profits For Your Business

  • How to create powerful offers which instantly attract tons of new customers! Page 20.

  • How to guarantee 10%, 25%... or 50% more sales by asking one simple question! Page 58.

  • How to get 19 times greater response to all your ads, letters and brochures by simply changing your headlines! Page 27.

  • How to get tons of free products, money and marketing support from your suppliers! Page 49

  • How to make a fortune by collecting your customers' names and how to turn this to cash generated by itself. This will also create a profitable, saleable asset! Page 8.

  • How to write newspaper and magazine ads that are 450% more profitable than the ads you are running now! Page 43.

  • A simple technique to make your Yellow Page ad pull more calls than you're getting now Page 13.

  • 11 tested and proven methods to increase the selling power of your ads letters and promotions! Page 53.

  • The 6 simple marketing principles you must know to make your sales soar! Page 3.

  • How to get your customers to tell you what you should be selling them... and thank you for doing it! Page 62.

  • 6 ways to monitor and test all your marketing efforts and generate more profit from every marketing dollar you spend! Page 66.

  • The "Secret Method" every successful "marketing expert" uses! Page 6.

  • How to use direct mail to quickly increase and boost your sales and profit! Page 31.

  • 9 quick, sure-fire ways to raise cash for your business now! Page 70.

  • How to actually increase your profits by giving money back to your customers! Page 39.

Take Control Of How Profitable Your Business Can Be... Starting Today!

This is the time to act now. If you have read this far, you have a driving interest in making your business as profitable as possible. All that is left is... to take action!

And to help you to do just that, I will include...

A Very Valuable Limited-Time Special Bonus

  • How to Increase Your Profits by 20% in 20 Minutes. This has been one of our best selling items for years. It describes four different techniques any business can use to immediately increase their profits with almost no effort. Each method works equally well online and offline. Approximately 40 pages of powerful info, this report constantly gets rave reviews from our customers. When you try just one of the methods in this report you'll be kicking yourself over all the lost profits you've missed. A $50 value.

So What's The Catch?

You're probably asking yourself... "Why are they willing to give me such a valuable bonus if the marketing manual is so top notch?"

The answer is twofold:
First, the bonus is only available for a limited-time to encourage you to take action today. The bonus will be withdrawn without notice sometime soon.

Second, I need a favor from you. All I ask is, after you have used one or more of the marketing strategies in the manual to increase your sales and profits... to write a short testimonial outlining your success. Just like the ones you have read near the middle of this page.

You'll Love Boasting About Your Successes!

If you're like the thousands of satisfied business owners who have already used How To Increase Your Profits... to increase their profits, you too will enjoy telling us, and others, about your victories.

Having all these resources is like owning the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg. Anytime you need a direct mail letter, an ad, a promotion or a simple 'Thank You' letter, you can look up your copy of 'How to Increase Your Profits in Any Economic Climate' and find what you need. And, most importantly - you get all the tools, the systems and the know-how usually only available to businesses with a large promotional budget.

To sum up. You get . . .

  • How To Increase Your Profits In Any Economic Climate. The Marketing system with the 103 examples of proven ads, letters and promotions - with the license to adapt these for your business or private use.

  • How to Increase Your Profits by 20% in 20 Minutes. One of our best selling items for years. It contains four easy-to-do techniques any business can use to immediately boost their profits on an ongoing basis with almost no effort.

. . . all this for just $37 if you order today. You can download your profit increasing package within minutes of placing your order and . .

Your Success Is Completely Guaranteed!

I'm so convinced the information in 'How To Increase Your Profits In Any Economic Climate' will help your business grow and prosper, I am willing to give you an unheard of Guarantee.

Here It Is...

You decide: Carefully review all the marketing strategies, ads, promotions and letters in 'How To Increase Your Profits In Any Economic Climate'. If you aren't completely convinced you will increase your profits by at least 10 times your investment within six weeks... I will refund every penny immediately. Without question or delay.

You'll have a full 42 days to test any of these proven money-making

techniques in your own business. If you haven't made at least $3,000 more than you would have without the manual, your money will be returned.

You couldn't ask for a better guarantee. All of the risk has been taken off your shoulders and placed squarely on mine. If for any reason, you don't feel this information will kick your sales and profits into high gear, it won't cost you a penny.

Just imagine if your broker called and said: "Send me $1,000 right away and I will guarantee you at least 10 times your money back in six months... or less." The only question you and I would have is... "Can I send you more?" Even if we had to borrow it.

This Offer Is Even More Valuable To You

Here's the amazing reason why; The ads, promotions and marketing strategies producing the biggest profits for you, can be used over and over again. Providing you with an endless stream of increased sales and profits.

What other small investment do you know that will produce ongoing profits day after day?

It is my sincere belief, once you apply just one or two of these proven strategies to your business, the increase in sales will be much greater than you could have hoped for.

Take Control Of How Profitable Your Business Can Be...Starting Today!

Remember, that if you want to secure your financial future... stop gambling on how well your business will do... take control of how much more profitable your business can be... you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this incredible risk-free offer.

I look forward to hearing about your successes... real soon!


Peter Sun

Only $37


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P.S. Remember, the risk is entirely on me. You can use every ad, promotion and technique in the manual for 42 days and prove to yourself that they work as well as I say. If you aren't satisfied, for any reason, you get a prompt, full refund. You've got absolutely nothing to lose - and substantial sales and profits to gain.


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