You Must Try This Marketing Idea For Small Business...

A Marketing Idea For Small Business...

Here's a killer marketing idea for small business that works whether you sell products or services.

One of the easiest ways to increase your profits, is to ask a customer who has just purchased something to buy something else.

Next time you are at a McDonalds Restaurant watch how they do it. They'll ask you the question, "Would you like french fries or a drink with that?" That question probably gives them an extra $700 or $800 MILLION in sales each year worldwide.

So, how can you profit from this knowledge?

essence of a marketing idea for small business in action

No matter what business you are in you can add-on and cross-market products and services to your customers. What would happen if you owned a shoe store and you asked your customers as they were about to pay for their purchase...

"Would you like some shoe polish with that" or "Do you need any socks?"

If you serve 50 customers a day and only one customer in five takes you up on the offer, it means ten extra sales - sales you never would have had. At say $2 profit per item, you have $120 per week extra profit.

That's $6,240 per year!! For one tiny item!

A Shell service station won a competition for selling the highest volume of engine oil. When asked how he did it the owner replied, "It's easy. We say to everyone - Please lift your hood and I'll check your oil."

Since RACQ research found that 75% of all cars run low on oil, that Shell service station sells lots and lots of oil. At $1.80 a litre profit, the owner can make more money on the oil (which is sold at full price) than on the average discounted gasoline sale.

Every business has opportunities to up-sell or cross-sell.

Here's another example - a paint and tile store has developed a checklist.

When the customer is at the cash register, he gets one handed to him. The staff member says, "To save you time later, would you like to use this checklist to make sure you have everything you need?"

Alarm or air conditioning installers can have a checklist of other services the homeowner may need - things such as fencing, carpets, and landscaping. They can then refer those leads to other people for a fee or a percentage of the sale.

The point is, IT WORKS.

The customer feels that you care because you are thoughtful enough to suggest something that may be needed, and you get the benefit of "Extra Profits."

Profits you never would have had.

How will you know if it works for you? Try it.

Do it for a week or two using different items and approaches. And watch your profits climb.

This marketing idea for small business is just a tiny extract from something hugely powerful - read on...