Newspaper Advertising Checklist

Newspaper advertising can be a lucrative form of marketing if it's done right. The number one mistake made in most ads is using the company name as the headline - the company name is not going to grab the eyeballs of the scanning reader. Always target the headline of your ad towards the potential customer's interests. You can always include your name at the bottom of the ad by the phone number.

  • Does your headline target your potential customer with a benefit or question statement?
  • Have you made a special offer in your newspaper advertising?
  • Have you included a call to action at the bottom of your ad?
  • Are your contact details included?
  • Have you indicated that you accept credit cards?
  • If using graphics are they relevent to your advertising copy?
  • Is your typeface size no lower than 8pt?
  • Do you have a method in place to measure response to your ad?
  • Have you found out the deadline for submitting your ad to the newspaper?
  • Have you spellchecked your ad?

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