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One man I know uses newspaper classified advertising and earns between $6,520 to $10,260 every single month using these exact strategies. Another continues to run the same classified ad, month after month, exactly as he's done for the past several years. Why? Only one reason. It puts money in his pocket, day after day -- month after month. Year after year.

What do these successful advertisers do differently?

Well, there are several things. And... when you really grasp these differences, you'll be ready to get the same kind of results -- results you can take to the bank!

Read to the end of this report and you'll understand the profit-producing power of classified ads.

You'll discover step-by-step, how you can turbo-charge your tiny ad into a perpetual, cash-flowing marketing machine. I use the word "machine" because once you master these secrets, you can almost put your plans on autopilot ...and the results still keep pouring in ...Nonstop!

The best part about it is that these methods work for practically
any product or service -- anywhere in the world!

But it wasn't easy to piece together this potent, high-profit information. Each idea I've developed, had to be learned the hard way, through trial and error. Now, you can enjoy all the benefits of my research. If you will only USE this information ...I promise you higher response rates and more money in your pocket.

After years of running ads -- trying out various approaches -- I began to collect the key ideas that worked. I wanted to figure out what made some classified ads so successful. And I kept testing new approaches until ...I finally figured out ...what works and what doesn't.

I studied ads run by other people, and quickly developed a surefire technique for identifying the profitable ones. Here's what I found: the ads that produced the most amazing results, all had the same secret ingredients.

Every winning ad started with a winning headline. These advertisers knew that for an ad to capture attention and to really stand out in a sea of ads, the headline, or opening had to be different; it had to capture the eye of the scanning reader.

Powerful headlines arouse curiosity and imagination and draw the reader in -- to get the rest of the message. I'll show you 7 headline strategies that work wonders in the classifieds and assure that your ad is read by more people than ever before!

Those top ads I studied all seemed to "reach out and touch someone". They spoke out to a certain definable individual.

Super-successful advertisers know in advance who their best targets are. The message was then written for these folks ONLY.

"ATTENTION ALL FISHERMAN..." speaks only to fisherman and excludes all others. This is targeting, and what it does is raise your credibility and visibility within your target market because you're "speaking their language". Make no mistake... this approach works!

It addresses a certain type of person who recognizes the message as being important because it's specifically for him. The advertiser didn't try to "sell" everyone. They stayed on course and offered their product to solve a specific problem, for a specific audience.

I'll share with you my exact methods of targeting your audience so you get only responses from people who are likely to buy. That brings me to the next very important point...

Don't push to make the sale in your classified ad. It seldom works. Why? Because it's impossible to make a strong sales presentation within a few lines.

You have to make your prospect aware of how your product can help him. Why does he need it? How does he benefit by acquiring and using it? What's in it for him? Tell the whole story, but do so in your follow-up material -- not in your ad.

Instead, try using your ad as a beginning -- an introduction. Use your classified ad to catch the eye and draw attention from your prospects. Arouse curiosity. Stimulate some excitement. Ignite emotional interest, so that your prospect makes the effort to connect with you.

I'll give you the secrets of creating an ad that is simply irresistible. I'll show you precise techniques I've developed for arousing a passionate interest -- that should work just as well for you.

Another quality that all moneymaking ads share is this: they deliver an offer so strong, it simply cannot be ignored. Few people can resist.

Make him an offer he can't refuse! Give him a taste of what he wants. Let him know there's something of value for him in connecting with you.

Want to know the secret of creating an ad that generates tons of responses? Know exactly what your prospect wants -- on a deeper emotional level and give him a sample.


It's easy with my complete checklist of 99 Emotional Appeals That Stir Prospects To Action. I guarantee you'll find somewhere on this list, a high-powered appeal that works like magic for your offer -- and stuffs your letterbox with responses, day after day.

We all play a role in life. Some folks have multiple roles to play every day. You may be a parent, friend, co-worker, business owner, etc. But most of us long for something different. Something better. We want to play other roles. We want to become a public speaker, or learn how to service PC's or be a better lover. What role does your product or service help your prospect to play?

I'll give you dozens of examples to help you get going. You're free to use them any way you choose. Creating a dynamite ad has never been easier than this!

Now... here's something to consider...

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I've packed all this key information and much, much more into an easy-to follow Success Guide. It's an exciting new handbook that gives you EVERYTHING you need to know to start turning profits from every single ad you place from this point forward.

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Now, YOU have a choice.

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All the costly testing has been done for you. I've been your guinea pig. I've tried ...and learned. Struggled ...and learned. And, invested serious money...and learned. Now, you have a unique opportunity to profit from it!

There's absolutely no reason for you to repeat the mistakes I made in those early days ...mistakes made by 99% of all classified advertisers. Just one little mistake can make an ad much less effective than it could be.

Don't you waste another minute of your time guessing. Get the facts and then go out and place your ads!

I want you to enjoy the excitement of seeing your mailbox overflowing with responses from people eager to buy. It's a wonderful feeling! My Success Guide gives you everything you need to know to succeed in a big way with classified advertising. This is the kind of inside information you just can't get anywhere else! I GUARANTEE IT 100%!

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