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"You Need An 'Edge' In Business If You Want To Be Profitable And Survive
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You are about to discover THE most important part of marketing your business. 
It makes your prices irrelevant to your customers
It makes customers seek you out over your competition
It actually helps customers choose YOU to do business with


Why should I buy from you?

I'm serious - tell me why?

Come on... I'm a prospective customer of your business. Why should I choose you over your competition?

And don't give me all that crap about "we are the best" or "we have the lowest prices" or "I have xx years experience" - everybody says that or something similar.

See, if you can't tell me why I should buy from you, how the heck am I going to know.

And I need to know if I'm going to choose you over your competitor.

I know you've probably never been asked this question before, so you'll find it hard to come up with a persuasive answer. But this is exactly the question in prospective customers minds, not mainly a conscious thought, but it's there in the back of their minds nevertheless.

When a prospective customer is looking to buy a product or service, he is looking for a reason to choose one business over another. Just think about your own buying habits and you'll know this is true.

So what you need is a unique spin, an edge, or what is commonly known (in the marketing field) as a unique selling proposition -- USP for short.

Your USP expresses the uniqueness of your business in a single statement. It can be a promise no one else makes. It can be the way you choose to do business. It can also be a unique benefit that only applies to your product or service.

A USP gives prospective customers that reason they need to choose to do business with you.

Any advertising or marketing you run without a well thought out USP is like burning your own money... week after week after week.

Here's what your profit-pulling USP does for you...

Find a niche and position yourself as the ONLY choice for that niche. This allows you to target prospective customers you may not have even known existed.


Place your product or service on a different level than your competition, and so catapult you to a higher plane of business and enable you to sell in a vacuum (i.e. no direct competition).

Protects you from market fluctuations. A profit pulling USP practically guarantees you longevity in the marketplace.

Break free from mindless advertising and get your product or service remembered more than any other in your market.


Gives customers a stronger preference for your company's products and services -- you can charge more and customers will pay your higher price.

Easily convert it into a hook for your headline (or for those of you selling books, use it for the title).

Create a powerful USP now and instead of fumbling around trying to explain to prospective customers what you're about, you'll already have your unique message all spelled out. And you can easily apply it to any of your marketing or advertising in the future.

As a Business Owner, You Identify with
the Up's and Down's of Business

The worry of what your competitors might do next?

Most businesses can, at least at first.

But if you take the time to position yourself in the marketplace, worries of this sort will fade.

How can this be possible?

Try this.

Imagine you suffer from dandruff. You go to the supermarket for a shampoo to treat it. Which shampoo do you choose?

Probably Head & Shoulders, right?

There are literally hundreds of shampoos to choose from. But because Head & Shoulders USP targets people with dandruff, most people automatically think of that product when they want to treat dandruff. And this made all the difference to their success.

Without its dandruff fighting power USP, Head & Shoulders would just be another shampoo.


Can You See the Power of a Unique Position?

And examples like this are everywhere; you just have to know what to look for.

I've boiled down the process for creating a powerful USP for your business into a few simple

I guarantee you, no matter how mundane you think your business is -- there is something special about it. Something unique that can launch you to new profit levels.

Somewhere under the surface is something special just waiting to be noticed. And together, we will find it, hone it into a USP and test it to determine how it fits.

Trust me, no matter what business you are in or how ordinary you think it may be we are going to find something unique about it and transform it together.

Most marketing books don't spend more than a paragraph or two on how to come up with your USP. Yet most marketing agencies charge several thousand dollars to help you craft it. So obviously, it isn't an easy thing to come up with.

Well, until now that is. Developing your own powerful USP has been broken down into simple steps that anyone can follow with the 'Why Should I Buy From You?' Course.

Finally, a Step-by-Step Course that will Help Anyone, in Any Type of Business Create a Profit-Pulling Unique Selling Proposition

It's virtually foolproof.

Trust me; this course is the next best thing to having your own advertising agency on your side.

It doesn't matter what you're selling. Whether it's products or a service. A USP will be a major factor in whether or not you succeed.

So what's at the core of the 'Why Should I Buy From You?' Course?

'Why Should I Buy From You?' Course

USP Action Guide

Just so you know exactly how it works, here's a detailed look at this powerful and exclusive course in detail.

Component #1 --

"Why Should I Buy From You? Course"

You need to gain an overview of USP's, niches, and market position before you craft your own powerful marketing message. It's all provided for you in an extensive guide, packed cover-to-cover with valuable information.

This course is 100 solid pages of printed material told in easy to understand language that you will breeze right through. It's quite possibly the most revealing knowledge ever compiled on the subject of USP's.

Here's just a little of what you'll discover in the 'Why Should I Buy From You?' Course.

Learn the 4 reasons why your competitors probably don't have a USP and how to make sure you avoid their mindset.


The 3 keys to a profit pulling USP.


Look at 10 multi-million dollar USP's and a brief synopsis of why they work.


The tricks to determining what really drives your target audience.


The 5 main categories for USP's and creative ideas for implementing them into your business.


How a USP will bring clarity to everything you do.


The one thing you must understand before you use price to differentiate yourself.


How to annihilate your competition with a guarantee that packs a powerful punch.


5-tips for sidestepping a price war.


What to do with your USP once you've created it.


2 real life examples of matching up your USP to the rest of your advertising.


How to establish credibility. (And the 2 hurdles you must help your prospective customers overcome right up front).


The giant myth to using low price strategies for your USP. Is it a deadly idea or a profit powerhouse?


How to get jaw dropping case studies from your clients rather than weak generalities.


We'll also cover how to come up with product names, tips for trademarking them, and much more!


All the in's and out's of USP's are covered, right down to the last detail.

Never have these ideas been so clearly presented. This course will give you all the background you need. But the next step is where the real meat of the system is...

  Get Your USP Now!

Component #2 --

"USP Action Guide"

Next is the USP Action Guide. I've honed and perfected the USP creation process so that anyone can come up with one. It's a remarkably effective strategy.

There are over 40 pages on creating your USP with 9 easy to follow exercises. I explain exactly what you need to do in each exercise in plain English. This shortcut method is explained in simple words and concepts that make sense - absolutely no marketing gobbledegook!

The USP Action Guide shows you what you must do first, then second, etc.
All the steps for coming up with a USP are presented in their entirety.
Zero in on what prospective customers really want to know.


Get Your USP Now!

So you're probably wondering, what's this going to cost you?

Creating a profit-pulling USP isn't something you can easily put a price tag on. Especially since it's tied to the success of your entire business. Your USP will be the center of your product or service and all your future advertising.

This really is prized information.

I know there are a lot of small business owners and service professionals who could really turn their business (and their life) around with this information. I wish I had someone show me what to do and how to do it right in the early days.

So although this course is easily worth hundreds of dollars (I'd say somewhere in the $200-300 range), you're going to get a break...

By offering the system as a downloadable product only I've kept the price as low as possible. I've been able to do this in part since I don't have to pay the costs to keep an inventory on-hand, so you reap the benefits.

Also, I want to gain you as a satisfied customer so I can offer you additional business-building products in the future. If you're not satisfied then we both lose out!

So although it is worth 7 to 8 times as much, the complete 'Why Should I Buy From You?' Course is currently available in downloadable PDF format for only $17.

As you can imagine, getting an edge for your business is one marketing tactic your competition doesn't want you to know about. It's a blueprint for how to get more customers, position your product or service for maximum profits and literally crush your competition.

On the downside, you will have to take the time to go through the material and implement it or you won't see any improvement. That said, I've made it as easy as possible for you to do, but obviously, you will still have to put in the work to create your own USP and apply it in your marketing.

Here's How To Get This Offer Risk-Free

Rest easy. All the risk is on me. In fact, here’s my better than risk-free guarantee:

100% No-Risk Guarantee  

Best of all, the 'Why Should I Buy From You?' Course comes with a full 45-day money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can get a complete, fast and no-hassle refund.

That's a 45 FULL DAYS to review the system. No questions asked. There is absolutely no risk to you!

IF you are really not satisfied, send me an email within 45 days from your purchase and you will get your money back, no questions asked.

Remember, the material found in the 'Why Should I Buy From You?' Course is not available anywhere else.

So if you're serious about succeeding with your business, you truly need this knowledge to gain an unfair advantage over your competition.

Don't hesitate... or you'll just end up giving your competition a chance to get an edge on you.

Act now... before your competition does!

'Why Should I Buy From You?' Course


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